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Our Pleasure

We are the new kid on the block. With many years of retail experience under our belts we are raising a network of retailers that want to be on top of their retail game. It is our dream to deliver new and promising technology at your doorstep. Our team works around the clock to keep up with new developments, and keep on top of point of sale software so you can focus on your store.

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Counterr point of sale software is a retail automation solution. Register software in all its simplicity, but loaded with cool and convenient features that mean the next step for your shop.

The register is our base, and you can start improving from there. Launching a webshop? implement direct mail in your weekly communication ritual? You can add new functions as our portfolio of apps expands every day. Retail automation for everyone! And all that from one central platform. Are you ready to surprise your customers?

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Are you ready to be part of the future? or do you want to use good basic point of sale software without investing? You are just a few clicks away of becoming part of a retail automation movement that is here to put the power in your hands. Sign up, start filling your database and you will be up and running in no time at all. We would be proud to call you a user.

Our retail automation movement grows every day, changing the way we do business. Team up for free and start using some of the best POS software available.

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All your shopinformation available, anytime and anywhere

Manage your shop from anywhere, at any time and from a central platform. You will save a lot of time using our simple and innovative register platform. We make it easy as pie for you to focus on your business.

Use proven and kick ass point of sales software in three easy steps, for free!

Sign up, use our set up wizard and start entering products. Easy as one two three and your shop is setup for the future. You won’t need anything else (besides a laptop with Wifi access)

It is key to let technology work for you, let Counterr be your guide.

Overall technology is developing so fast, our retailers almost get spooked by it. But it is a beautiful thing. Counterr develops new functionalities based on the latest technology so you can have acces and surprise your customers, without investing a dime. Just take it for a 30 day free spin.

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